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Medacs Healthcare Acquires Latitudes Group International

We are pleased to announce the completion of an acquisition of Latitudes Group International on Friday June 7th. Medacs Healthcare is part of the Impellam Group of companies with Operations in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and North America. The group, listed on the UK AIM index – IPEL – is currently ranked as the 19th largest recruitment firm globally. Medacs Healthcare is the specialist Medical Recruitment arm of the Impellam Group.
Medacs Healthcare and the team at Latitudes look forward to continuing to maintain our service level and relationships with all our clients iand candidates, and are thrilled to offer one of the strongest global medical recruitment operations while maintaining the existing personal connections.

The Latitudes Group continues its operations providing medical recruitment services in Singapore, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Operations in other destinations are now being managed by by the regional operations of Medacs Healthcare. Please contact the relevant Medacs offices regarding recruitment services.

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Medacs Australia
Medacs New Zealand
Medacs South Africa
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