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About Latitudes Group

Commencing operations in Brisbane, Australia, in 2001, Latitudes Group International has grown through consistent effort and service delivery into a global medical recruitment company, and in 2009 our Head Office was established in Singapore.

The Latitudes Group provides recruitment services, migration advice, and general consultancy to a wide diversity of candidates, clients and governments on a global basis. Our knowledge is well respected, and our goal is to share this knowledge with all that access our services.

Latitudes enjoys a significant presence in the key global recruitment markets for health professionals covering medical, dental, nursing, and allied health; presenting a consistent image that is synonymous with quality service and representation. This consistency has led Latitudes to become one of the most recognisable health recruitment brands in the global market.

Our global footprint is unsurpassed, and our knowledge of the trends in international medical recruitment are up to the minute, making Latitudes an invaluable asset. From planning your next career move, to recruiting hundreds of staff, we are here to help you.

Based in Singapore, our mission is to offer genuine career and lifestyle oportunities within the key global destinations that we service.

With both candidate and client to represent, we aim to be an advocate to create the best of outcomes for all.

Our service philosophy is clearly defined.

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